Edible Rice Straw

A zero-waste alternative to single-use plastic 


Change begins when you


Keenly Green is the brainchild of two parents -

Sanjeev  & Clara, who sought to bring a zero-waste alternative to single-use plastic and PLA contained products.

Keenly Green's alternatives begin in the ground from grains of rice and tapioca and return right back to nature in a mere 100 days after completely biodegrading.


We are all about leaving our planet cleaner for future generations. 


Please join the revolution for change one swap at the time!



Please click Video and Meet Clara  Sanjeev~


Creations by Keenly Green


100day lifecycle of Edible rice straw

Keenly Green is introducing you to the world's first biodegradable, edible and compostable straw made from rice and tapioca. 

What does that mean?

It's an accessible and convenient way to shift to Zero-waste for anyone, without having to change your habits. And the best part is, after you #gokeenlygreen, the 100day lifecycle journey of our edible straw has only just begun.