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Keenly Green is the brand that aim to replace as much as single-use and PLA contains products with fully, sate-to-eat, compostable alternative. 

We help and work together with company/brand to find a eco-friendly solution.


At keenly Green, we are trying our best to leaving our planet cleaner for future generations.


KEENLY GREEN is introducing you to The World's First Biodegradable, Edible and Compostable Straw made from Rice and Tapioca

We make our drinking straws from rice and tapioca that are naturally extracted from the Earth and return back to nature after biodegrading with 100days. 

From bubble tea to coffee to any sort of drink, we got all sizes covered.


Beauty of this product is

1) Zero-waste and totally safe to nature, human, marine life and plants

2) last 1-2hours in cold drink, 0.5hours in hot drink

3) No taste, pleasant mouth-feeling

4) competitive price compare to alternatives present in the market

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