Wearing is Caring

Innovative fabric treatment from Swiss HEIQ, "Wearing is Caring" mask will protect our planet and community from COVID-19.  and the most importantly 100% of the profit goes to supporting underprivileged kids in Hong Kong.

The mask is made by apparel workers in Sri Lanka, primarily women, who are often the lifeline to keeping their families out of poverty and whose jobs are currently at stake due to economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19 pandemic.  

Anti-Viral & Anti- Bacterial

Most common concern about reusable mask is whether it is truly provides protection from the virus.  

HeiQ Viroblock is an intelligent Swiss textile technology in the world to be proven effective against SARS-CoV-2(an enveloped virus from the coronavirus family that causes COVID-19) in the laboratory.  

Please check more about  HeiQ! 

Check Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Test Report!  

Washable & Reusable 

A large amount of COVID waste ends up in the ocean. A disposable mask has a life span of 450 years, so it can do a lot of damage.

HeiQ Viroblock treatment keeps our mask protective efficacy up to 20 washes. Moreover, it is made from comfortable and breathable100% cotton presents far less of risk to the our planet.  

We recommend gentle hand wash every two days at 60℃(140℉).   


Give back to our community

 Among some 230,000 children who struggle in poverty, 50,000 live in cramped and poor accommodation such as bed space apartments, cubicles and sub-divided units. Many of them have to collect cardboard boxes after school to earn a living and study and do their homework on their beds. 

Nearly 600 low-income students shows more than 70% don't have computer and 28% have no broadband. 80% of the families were unable to help with homework.


100% of the profit will go to help these children not to have any learning gap during this pandemic. We will be fully transparent on our process (from selecting the organisation to be donated, amount of profit/expenses & etc)  with all of you who give us support on this initiative. 


Children are our future.  We should do our best to help them develop healthily and continue their learning. 

100% of the profit goes to supporting underprivileged kids in Hong Kong.

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100% of the profit from this initiative "Wearing is Caring" will go to the underprivileged children in Hong Kong. 

The proceeds from the first 5,000 masks will be donated to APF to help children with autism from low-income families access to appropriate treatment. In addition to environmental protection and anti-epidemic, we can make a great impact on children’s lives. Please support this campaign and share it with your friends!

這項口罩計劃 ── 「Wearing is Caring」的百份百利潤將支持香港弱勢社群的兒童服務。首5,000個口罩的收益將會捐給APF,幫助基層自閉症兒童接受適切治療。除了環保抗疫,更為有需要的小朋友作出貢獻,請大家多多支持並分享這資訊給身邊的朋友吧!

Autism Partnership Foundation strives for the best potential for children with autism by intensive and professional Applied Behaviour Analysis and supports their families to improve their quality of life.


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10 HK$ off per a mask 

(From 03 September 2020 to 13 September 2020) 


Standard Shipping 30HK$ 


After checking availability and rate, we will inform you and send separate payment page for shipping. 

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